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Ways to Get a Satisfying Vaping Experience

Vaping has been the trend of 2016-2018. E-cigarettes have been around since 2003 but never have the chance to get into the hype as the vapes, even though e-cigarettes give similar smoking experience. But to vapes enthusiasts, there are just things about the vapors that make the device so unique.

If you are interested in the vape world, whether you are a veteran vaper or just a curious one, you should know that there are ways to enjoy the vapor besides just smoking it plainly. Read below to find out more.

Vape’s various flavors

One thing that tobacco can never give you is the customizable flavor. Tobacco tastes like tobacco, no matter how the cigarettes companies have claimed it differently. But with a vape, you can add many essences to your smoke. Vapes can bring forward your character and identity.

There are twelve basic flavors you can enjoy individually or in combination: strawberry, pear, apple, mint, banana, honey, coffee, watermelon, cherry, lemon, raspberry, and sea freshness. Exotic flavors are also available, such as Cosmic Fog Sonset, Brewell Butterscotch, and V2 Coffee. You can also browse the other top vape juice picks to learn more about e-juice variants in the market. You should maximize your vaping experience by trying all the available variants.


Sharing with friends

Vape cafes are flourishing today. And unlike cigarettes, there are countless things to talk about vaping. From the device itself, the e-juice, and the tricks.

Vape2Socializing in the bar is no longer unhealthy. It used to be in the bar full of suffocating cigarette smokes. Occasional smokers used to suffer from the same health threats as the heavy ones. With vapor, that risk is significantly reduced.

Paninis, cakes, cookies, peanuts, and potatoes can go well with vaping. A couple of pints or mugs of beer will add the fun too. Vape lounges are no longer exclusive and small in size. As reported by NHS Health Scotland in 2017, e-cigarettes/vapors have been declared as far less harmful than smoking tobaccos. And since then, cafes are more open to vape users, and the existing vape lounges have been thriving and gone public.

Smoking vapors are less frowned now. And it is the best replacement for cigarettes, especially when we want to break the ice in a conversation with a stranger.

Learning the tricks

Dragon VapeWhat you can do with a vape, which you can never do with a cigarette, is the smoke tricks. Vape enthusiasts around the world have brought the creativity in vaping to artistic performance level.

You can always find a vape performer in a vape lounge. The common tricks are the dragon, vapor bubble, tornado, to the French inhale. And the fun thing is that you can always learn to perform them by yourself.

There are many vaping tutorials online teaching you how to do the vape tricks from the easiest one to the most difficult one. And typically, local vape communities hold vape competition regularly. You can attend it just for fun or to learn from the experts with the ambition to win the game.