Different types of coffee beans


Coffee is a beverage that is commonly taken in most homes but majorly preferred by workaholics. The main reason why workaholics are fond of this drink is that it contains caffeine, which activates the body senses causing lack of sleep.

Well, as we enjoy the drink we need to have in mind that it is usually a final combination of some products one of them being the coffee beans. They come in different sizes and shapes all attributed to the regions where they are produced. Coffee beans are not all alike, and they come in two major types: including the coffee Arabica and the coffee Robusta. Below is a discussion of the types of coffee beans.

Coffee arabica

22mdbvjhdghkThis type of coffee also known as the coffee of
“Arabia” takes at about 70% of the entire coffee production and is majorly grown in Latin America. Normally coffee Arabica is grown in areas with higher altitudes. This type is known for its gentle flavor, high sugar levels and low acid amounts thus making it more preferred than the Robusta coffee. Growing the Arabica coffee is usually involving, which makes the Arabica coffee bean quite costly.

For this plant to mature fully, it requires seven years and 1.0 to 1.5 meters of rain. Flowering begins from the second to the fourth year of the plant with the flowers producing a sweet jasmine fragrance. Though Arabica can withstand low temperatures, it does well in the average temperature conditions. Coffee Arabica beans also come in different varieties including;


This type can thrive in any of the coffee growing regions. Though low in productivity, typically produces high quality and delicious coffee beans.


bourbon produces large leaves and berries that produce a coffee beverage that is rich in taste.

Blue mountain

This type grows in Jamaica and majorly known for its resistance to the coffee berry disease. Normally it thrives well in the high altitude regions.

Coffee robusta

Coffee Robusta also knew as caffea canephora is usually less vulnerable to weather conditions thus it possesses the ability to grow in low altitude areas, hot climates and low humidity environments. Unlike Arabica, Robusta tends to be quite acidic, strong flavored and it contains large amounts of caffeine. The caffeine contained in Robusta is usually twice as much as the one contained in the Arabica coffee beans. Growing Robusta is less complicated and cost friendly which in turn makes it be less costly in the market. This coffee type is produced in Africa and Indonesia. Coffee Robusta comes in different varieties, which include;

Nganda type

This type tends to form large scattered trees with plenty of branches coming from the main stem.

Erect robusta

33kdbkjdhfjlgiThe erect Robusta normally has a more rapid growth compared to Nganda. Its fruition occurs early approximately within two years of planting.

An experienced coffee lover does not just take any coffee beverage brought to the table. They normally have their preferred flavors at their fingertips; the above discussion on the coffee bean types around will keep you informed next time you are ordering a cup of coffee in your favorite café.

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